Influencial Stallions from the Past that have been the foundation of OCS

Here we outline some of the major stallions that have influenced our breeding programme in the past and some that are looking promising for the future. This information is ideal for customers who are interested in buying a Shire from OCS so that they can see pictures, bloodlines and our opinions and some information about the stallions that have formed the basis of our bloodlines. The following are some of the most powerful stallions in recent times and we are proud to have gained these valuable bloolines in our breeding programme.


Bodernog Master

Sire: Dothan Mastermind
Dam: Bodernog Sunbeam, Dam's sire: Edingale William

Bodernog Master is an incredible stallion. He is absolutely huge, with a great foot, long neck, lots of presence and action second to none! He is the Sire of some of our best foundation stock such as Acle Marchioness, Grangewood Daphne and OC Sunbeam. We have found through our own experience and other breeders offspring that this huge stallion goes well on Hillmoor Enterprise and Walton Supreme bred mares. This stallion has proven himself in the show ring and has been a very successful breeding stallion in his time. We are very pleased to use him and have his bloodlines in our stock.

Picture: Roy Fox

Hillmoor Enterprise

Sire: Hillmoor Harvester
Dam: Hillmoor Lady Joan, Dam's sire: Hillmoor Forecast

Hillmoor Enterprise is argued to be the greatest Shire stallion in the history of the breed to date. He isdominant in our breeding progamme and is the cornerstone of all of our stock, even though he was making his name during the 1970's. Some of our stock is very direct to Enterprise including Grangewood Daphne, Sladbrook Little Gem, Bog Bank Diamond and our Stallion Dothan Charlie are all close relaitives to this modern stallion that has left a huge mark on the breed!

Dothan Mastermind

Sire: Greenhaulme Premier King
Dam: Green Howarth April Mist, Dam's sire: Quixhill Gay Lad

Dothan Mastermind was the father of Bodernog Master and so in turn has also played a big part in our breeding stratergy. He was a very big, powerful horse with a dark leg in front. He was a good stock getter and also won his class at Peterborough Shire Show.

Picture: Roy Fox

Walton Supreme

Sire: Dothan Masterpiece
Dam: Crossfields Honeysuckle, Dam's sire: Cubley Charlie

Walton Supreme was a great stallion bred by EW Roberts of the Dothan stud. He was renamed after being brought as a youngster and went on to show and breed some of the greats of the modern breed. Walton Supreme is half brother to our own stallion Dothan Charlie and has been influential in our breeding with mares such as Sladbrook Little Gem.

Stanley House Aristocrat

Sire: Stanley House Sir James
Dam: Stanley House Guilda, Dam's sire: Stanley House Black Prince

Stanley House Aristocrat was a great stallion who had success in the show ring and produced many influential horses for many notable breeders in Cheshire. He is the Dam's Sire of Acle Marchioness who is a very good mare and superb breeder for us.

Cubley Charlie

Sire: Quixhill Masterpiece
Dam: Cubley Quality, Dam's Sire: Edingale Supreme

Cubley Charlie has also been a very important stallion in producing the modern Shire horse for Showing. He was full of quality and repeatedly won the national Championship at the Shire Show. He had a great pedigree and was an outstanding horse. Even though, he was bred many years ago we still strive for his bloodlines. We feel older bloodlines is where the quality is. One of Cubley Charlies most famous daughters, although he had many, was Crossfields Honeysuckle. Honeysuckle was mother to the renown stallion Walton Supreme and our stallion Dothan Charlie. We are very pleased to have Cubley Charlie in our bloodlines, so directly, and in such a young horse as Dothan Charlie.

Picture: Roy Fox

Dothan Charlie

Sire: Tremoelgoch Moss
Dam: Crossfields Honeycukle, Dam's sire: Cubley Charlie

Charlie had an outstanding Pedigree with direct links to Hillmoor Enterprise and Cubley Charlie. In hindsight we probably didn't breed with him enough, but of the several very good foals we did have, we have retained OC Charisma who was a winner at the National Shire show as a 2yo and is now a broodmare for us. Other notable horses by Charlie include, OC Empress & OC Emperor. Charlie certainly left his mark on our stud, with his distinctive looks and impressive free flowing movement that he passed on to his foals!!


Ruskington Hartley

Sire: Nottage Trump Card
Dam: Grovemere Jeannie, Dam's Sire: Hillmoor Mascot

Hartley was a very impressive 2yo winning his class at the National show. He had great bone and hair from a young age and passed that on to his stock.

Sire of OC Lady Laura, OC Lady in Waiting and Gorefield Joseph.

Picture: Roy Fox

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