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OC Captivation

Sire: Walton Supreme
Dam: Grangewood Daphne, Dam's Sire: Blackden Charlie

Captivation was our first foal of 2010. A stunning bay filly with four white legs- she really lived up to her name and captivated us with her outstanding good looks and quiet temperament. Captivation is now with her new owners in German y where she is going to be shown as a youngster and driven later on in a team of matching bays.

She was purchased to match a horse previously supplied by Old Croft Shires of a very similar stamp.

OC Calypso

Calypso was the second foal of 2010 but the first and much anticipated foal of Snelson Lady Marion, a big black mare with four white legs who has had a successful show career with her previous owners but who continued on fine form when shown to Champion Shire status at Soham show later that year, with Calypso at foot. Calypso a beautiful dark bay filly carried on our great streak of luck of breeding fillies, she was the 6th consecutive filly we bred! Calypso was born very light bay but became darker in colour very quickly.

She is by Primrose Hill Eds who is big, bay and has passed on a lot of quality including a very fine silky hair. Calypso has been shown a few times and takes everything in her stride, although she can be a very lively filly with lots of attitude. She achieved 3rd place at the Midland Foal Show 2010 in a strong class of 14 and the Judge of that class, commented about her great hind leg and big feet. We are keen to keep showing Calypso as we are well aware of her future potential, not only as a show horse but broodmare as well.

OC Emperor

Sire: Dothan Charlie
Dam: Acle marchioness, Dam's sire: Bodernog Master

Born 9th March 2010 OC Emperor was the third foal of 2010. Before he was born we knew he was going to be a big foal, as Marchioness, his mother struggled to carry him at the end!! He was gigantic when he was born, and we had to work hard to get him to his feet as quickly as possible...as he was a bit lazy. He was the first foal by Dothan Charlie, and when you see Emperor it is obvious he is a Charlie foal, he has the same long neck, tentative look in his eye and distinctive head of his father. He is a big bay colt with four white legs who we also have big hopes for in the future at OCS.

OC Sherman

Sire: Ruskington Hartley,
Dam: Ruskington Isla, Dam's Sire: Trofarth Cymro

Another colt to add to our line up, Sherman is by Ruskington Hartley and out of Ruskington Isla- so a great combination of Ruskington breeding- culminating in a very unique horse with the most wonderful temperament.

He was a joy to work with as he became so friendly. He had some unusual markings with quite a lot of white but we feel that gave him extra character and as he was sold to a riding home, we hope it will make him all the more attractive and distinctive under saddle.


OC Lord Nelson

Sire: Dothan Charlie
Dam: Ruskington Foxy Lady, Dam's sire: Trofarth Cymro

Dark bay colt by Dothan Charlie out of Ruskington Foxy Lady. Nelson was Lady's third foal, again she is proving her fertility and stamina in breeding some very good horses for us. Nelson, again by Charlie has a very distinct look and great size and conformation, it was a shame to see him go but he has been sold to a riding home and we are sure he will make a great horse for the future.

We hope he will help to prove the name the Shire horse has earnt over the years of being a gentle giant as he really did have a calm laid back temperament which willl make him ideal for riding we hope.

OC Fusilier

Sire: Ruskington Hartley,
Dam: Tremoelgoch Goldie, Dam's Sire: Hillmoor Enterprise

Fusilier was a May born foal and the last of the 6 successful foalings of 2010. He is by Ruskington Hartley, a prize winning bay stallion, who's details can be seen on our breeding page of our website. Fusiliers mother is one of the last Hillmoor Enterprise mare's alive today. She was 20 when she foaled Fusilier- and what a good job she did as well. She fed him well and looked after him and through his great temperament and flamboyant attitude it is clear to see that he really does have some high bred vigour and a keen desire to be a stallion! He has been sold, and will be kept entire to preserve the great bloodlines that he possesses.

And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath upon it, and created the horse. ~ Bedouin Legend